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Best Crèche GroupBest Crèche Group

Quality Childcare

Each crèche team has a passion for childcare and is trained to very high NCNA standards. Our crèches are fully compliant with all aspects of the Childcare Act, 1991 and undergo regular HSE audits. Ensuring high standards is at the heart of what we do.

We have excellent facilities indoors, which are light, spacious and well equipped. The rooms are designed for the specific needs of each age group, ensuring proper stimulation during the day. We are proud of our big outdoor spaces which have specifically been designed with small children in mind. We place great emphasis on spending lots of time outside in the fresh air and we use both the indoors and outdoors to deliver all areas of the early years curriculum to a high standard.

Your child's safety is a priority for the Best Crèche Group teams. The crèches are controlled by finger scanning or intercom access. Anyone collecting a child has to be pre-approved or a parent has notified the crèche in advance. Importantly, children are never left unsupervised.

There is annual testing and servicing of all appliances. Periodically, risk assessments are carried out and reviewed for all areas.