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Parent Testimonial

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"Feale Childcare really understands the needs of working parents and school-going children. The well-planned opening hours, school drop-off and pick-up service and individual attention for homework, has given me great peace of mind in the last few years."

"Working at Glanmire Childcare is made easy when you are surrounded by not only a great team of girls but also a dedicated management system. I enjoy coming to work knowing that regulations and procedures are being met to a high standard as it allows me to focus on, caring for and meeting the needs of the children who come through our doors. I also like that my ideas and creativeness are supported by management as it gives me confidence and belief in the work I am doing. Lastly I love my work as I get to sit with, read to, play with and care for some of the most amazing, funny and creative children there are, making each of my days as fulfilling and rewarding as the last."
Tara Murphy

"I was very nervous even thinking of giving my little baby into a crèche when returning to work after maternity leave. After meeting the staff in Clonmel Childcare and seeing how they are with the children it really put my mind at rest. Now over 2 years on I have 2 children being cared for in the crèche. Both are so happy and learning so much. There is a varied range of indoor and outdoor activities which stimulate them. Their speech and language skills surprise me constantly. The staff really care for the child and call if they are off form or have a temperature. I chose Clonmel Childcare as a number of parents I know have their children there, and I’m very glad I did."
Michele Howe