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Being Healthy

The Best Crèche Group promotes a being healthy approach every day. We recognise the importance of healthy eating and work actively with our meals partner 'Little Dinners' to ensure we deliver quality, balanced meals and snacks to all the children who attend our crèches.

Our crèche teams often hold healthy eating discussions and carry out fun activities with the children highlighting the importance of a balanced diet and staying healthy. In addition, external experts have attended parent evenings to provide advice and tips on healthy eating.

We promote active lifestyles by spending time outdoors with lots of physical activity every day, weather permitting. Throughout the year there are a number of outdoor trips planned, which stimulate the children to take an interest in nature but, more importantly, to enjoy what is on their doorstep. In addition, the children are encouraged to do activities at home with family.

We are continuously developing new and exciting projects to introduce and encourage healthy lifestyle amongst children attending our crèches.